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Work with One South

As a part of an OS Team, you are engaged in solving complex research and operational challenges in a collaborative and stimulating environment. Data collectors, operational support staff, and consultants work together to find ways to establish common ground and fulfill research objectives. This requires OS team members to be critical thinkers, flexible, and reflective.

At One South, we regularly provide peer-to-peer coaching and workshops to communicate best practices and inquire into the personal and professional goals of our consultants. Our Board of Advisors are leading professionals in their own fields and provide executive coaching to enrich the knowledge-base of our teams and help them strategize.

If you are interested to build a career in development consulting or management or wish to join our network of data collectors, we invite you to fill out our application form and form part of our pool of talent. We will contact and interview successful candidates over the year and often recruit for specific assignments


Data Collectors

Observe and record social reality.

Our data collectors are the eyes and ears of our research activities. We rely on quantitative and qualitative enumerators to collect contextually relevant and accurate data in an effective way, from often difficult to reach places.

Operational Staff

Manage Data Collection Systems and Processes

Our Operational Staff are the backbone of our research services. They coordinate, monitor, and manage on-going data collection activities to ensure data is being collected effectively and efficiently.


Research and Advise

Our Consultants are the main hub of our research services. They design and implement research activities and answer all research questions. They are often experts in a given field and have significant experience conducting applied research.

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Don't miss our 2017 recruitment events. To find out more about the countries we'll be visiting keep an eye on this space.

Where do we work?

Our clients operate all over Sub-Saharan Africa and are looking to expand onto Central and South America. Learn more about current opportunities in these regions.

Why One South?

If you're interested in working in an environment where you are continually stimulated to learn new things and have an active role in guiding research activities, look no further. Our work environment is collaborative, inclusive, and empowering to those who work for us and those we work for.

People and Culture

OS team members feel strongly about providing high quality research services to our clients. Equally as important to this, is ensuring that we remain aware, adaptable, and responsive to changing needs and circumstances.

A Career in International Development

For many data collectors, working with One South is a first step to a career in international development. Through our training workshops we provide an introduction to monitoring and evaluation and hands on experience supporting a research study. We also partner with experienced professionals from different disciplines to address current development problems.

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Application Information

For data collectors and operational staff in target countries, we offer a rolling application process. Follow this link to find out more about the requirements and application process.

For Consultants we advertise for specific roles we are looking to fill upcoming assignments. Please keep track of our advertisements through the consultant's page.

What One South looks for

Overall we look for critical thinkers who are flexible and reflective. For all our roles we expect candidates to also to be willing to learn new things.

In terms of academic qualifications our requirements are as follows:


Data Collectors: Bachelors Degree

Analysts: Bachelors Degree

Operational Staff: Bachelors or Masters Degree

Consulting Roles: Masters Degree or PhD

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Search and Apply

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