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Develop Monitoring Systems and Capacity

Projects that remain adaptable to changing contexts require routine, timely, and relevant information to guide operations and future planning. By building on existing knowledge of best practices, our capacity and system strengthening supports personnel and organizations to design and implement results-based monitoring (RBM) systems, manage for development results (MfDR), and strengthen monitoring capacity.

In the past, our clients have used our services to:

Build a Results Culture

Through mentoring and peer coaching programs, we train groups, organizations, and stakeholders on how to monitor, learn and tailor development programs to the contexts where they operate.

Design Responsive M&E Systems

Design monitoring strategies that maximize the functions of results-based monitoring systems (RMB) and managing for development results (MfDR). 

Collect and Interpret Real-time Data through Web, Mobile, and other ICT Platforms

We support organizations to mainstream information and communication technologies into monitoring operations and evaluate progress through real-time data.

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