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Evaluations are an opportunity to create a shared understanding about what works to deliver desired results. We support organizations to evaluate project impact, effectiveness, sustainability, value for money, coherence, and relevance. 

We design and implement culturally-competent evaluations aligned with scope, time and available resources. 

Since our founding, One South has conducted evaluations for education, health and private sector development projects and programs across 45 countries. This has included evaluations for projects and programmes funded by both institutional and private donors, such as international development agencies, foundations, and consortia. 


These evaluations have utilized and drawn from methods and approaches such as:

  • contribution analysis

  • outcome harvesting

  • most significant change

  • process tracing

  • quasi-experimental designs (including RCTs and difference-in-difference)

Evaluations are often carried out in partnership with in-country Research Managers who have years of experience working with One South. This supports organizations to understand and deliver social change in a way that is culturally-competent and contextualized. 

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