We see evaluations as a prime opportunity to create a shared understanding about what works best in development practice. Our evaluations open up spaces for stakeholders and decision-makers to improve, select and continue development processes. Through evaluation, our clients are able to access current information about how change occurs and how impact can be enhanced. It is a prime time to inquire into purpose and identity and build trust and legitimacy among those who participate.

Depending on their intended use, we advise our clients on optimal and culturally-competent evaluation designs to suit time and available resources. In the past, we have supported our clients to:

Outcomes Mapping, Collaborative Outcome Reporting, Utilization-focused Evaluation

Create an Evidence Culture

Give purpose to your evaluation by reflecting on how it can be used. Consult your team and stakeholders on how they would like to use the information gathered and generate evidence-based learning.

Contribution Analysis, Process Tracing, Results Chains, Strategic Assessments, Round Tables,

Determine what Works, Why and to What Effects

Assess whether results are consistent with theories of change and re-interpret intervention models in light of the current evidence.

Randomized Control Trials, Difference-in-Difference Techniques, Pricipal Score Matching, Key Informant Interviews

Measure Impact

Test or describe what would have happened without the development intervention and identify areas where impact can be greater. Investigate and weigh alternative explanations and demonstrate changes to the wider community.

Cost-efficiency Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Value-for-Money, Horizontal Evaluations

Document Learning

Synthesize data from one or more evaluations to form an overall assessment of the merits and worth of particular interventions. Evaluate the social returns on investments based on their benefit, effectiveness and value-for-money through meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Gather lessons learned and use findings for future programming.

Logical Frameworks, Strategic Assessments, Surveys, Key Informant Interviews, Focus Group Discussions, Structured Observations, and others...

Demonstrate Results

Create insightful and accessible reports to suit intended needs and mobilize support.

Communication Plans, News and Media, Conferences, Posters, Annual Reviews

Support Use of Findings

Create dissemination strategies that complete the feedback loop, engage and transform.

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