Using Information to Understand and Deliver Social Change

We use evidence to inform decisions across all stages of the life cycle of social programs: from the design of relevant interventions and M&E systems, to the synthesis of performance data and evaluation of intervention models. We bring the best skills to solve the most complex development problems and are known for our functional and practical advice. We reach remote areas to document the voices of those living at the periphery.

We make use of mixed-methods approaches to assess the achievement of development programs or interventions against a comprehensive criteria of impact, inclusiveness, relevance, value-for-money and sustainability. We support organizations in the appraisal and demonstration of results through rigorous, multi-dimensional, and context-specific research designs.

In complex environments, beginnings are delicate times. We work closely with organizations and stakeholders to identify and prioritize intervention areas where impact can be greater. Our services inform the multiple stages of the planning process —from the systematic integration of stakeholder’s needs and formulation of theories of change, to the modeling of potential impact through ex-ante evaluation designs.

We also provide desk-based support to our clients with compiling and synthesizing monitoring and performance data. Save time, make decisions based on results, and engage us when you need it most.

Projects that remain adaptable to changing contexts require routine, timely, and relevant information to guide operations and decision-making. By building on existent knowledge of best practices and tapping on our local networks, we support the design and implementation of results-based monitoring systems to produce credible, accessible and utilization-focused data.

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Ethical and Child Friendly

We seek protect the autonomy of those who participate in our research through culturally-competent and age-friendly research approaches.


We strive to ensure our work is accessible and communicable to all target audiences by supporting the dissemination of findings.


We apply research methodologies to the letter.

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We design research solutions that reflect an optimal balance between time, scope and resources.


We strive to ensure our work is understood and accepted by our clients and stakeholders.


Our research designs open spaces conducive to plural deliberation and shared understanding.

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Baseline Study: Gender-Responsive Education and Transformation (GREAT) Project implemented by Right To Play

January 1, 2019

Impact Evaluation: Inclusive Education Strategies for Girls with Disabilities in Kenya

August 1, 2018

Impact Evaluation: Rwanda Education Advancement Programme II

November 30, 2017

Evaluating the Umunthu Programme

July 29, 2017

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