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About Us

One South is an international development consulting and research firm that supports organizations to understand and deliver social change.


We invest in local capacity to access diverse contexts and provide expert planning, monitoring, and evaluation advice.

Our goal is to support decision-makers in the global south to design relevant interventions, improve selected strategies, and deliver impactful social programs through applied research.

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Our vision is a world where social change is experimental, incremental, and driven by a shared experience.

At One South, we make use of innovative approaches to understand social reality and explain how it can be transformed through experimentation. Through applied research, we study the strategic choices and results of development interventions; accumulating knowledge about best practices and identifying areas for improvement. We identify trends and provide informative insights in accessible formats.

We are an international development firm with local access. We believe that localizing research for development ensures the our achievements are sustainable. 


We develop relevant skills in diverse contexts, building interdisciplinary teams to generate information about what works, why and with what effects. Through our previous assignments, we have  trained and supported a network of over 350 local professionals in data collection and management skills, to enable our clients to reliably access information, in a timely and efficient manner.

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Ethical and Child Friendly

We seek protect the autonomy of those who participate in our research through culturally-competent and age-friendly research approaches.


We strive to ensure our work is accessible and communicable to all target audiences by supporting the dissemination of findings.


We apply research methodologies to the letter.

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We work closely with our clients to select research designs that reflect an optimal balance between time, scope and resources.


We strive to ensure our work is understood and accepted by our clients and stakeholders.


Our research designs open spaces conducive to plural deliberation and shared understanding.

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