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Using Information to Understand and Deliver Social Change

We use evidence to support our clients to design projects and monitoring, evaluation & learning systems, to monitor performance and to evaluate and synthesize evidence.


We bring relevant skills to solve complex development challenges and are known for our practical approach, methodological rigor, and evidence-based advice. Our research aims to reach remote areas and raise the voices of the most marginalized.


Our guiding principles ensure we deliver research that is ethical & child-friendly, accessible, rigorous, relevant, targeted, and inclusive.


Design relevant interventions based on the evidence and the voices diverse stakeholders


Evaluate complex projects in diverse contexts in a culturally-competent, inclusive and rigorous way. 


Monitor project progress and and document learning in an accessible way to guide adaptations and decision making.

Build Capacity

Build monitoring and evaluation capacity to ensure sustainable systems that produce credible and utilization-focused data.

Ethical and Child Friendly

We seek protect the autonomy of those who participate in our research through culturally-competent and age-friendly research approaches.


We strive to ensure our work is accessible and communicable to all target audiences by supporting the dissemination of findings.


We apply research methodologies to the letter.

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We design research solutions that reflect an optimal balance between time, scope and resources.


We strive to ensure our work is understood and accepted by our clients and stakeholders.


Our research designs open spaces conducive to plural deliberation and shared understanding.

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