Dr. Marieke van Egmond


Marieke is a Consultant at One South. She holds a PhD in Cross-Cultural Psychology and is currently a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Hagen. Her research concerns topics of education and psychology in a cultural perspective. At One South, she has developed and adapted psychometric measures  for evaluation and planning purposes. She has supported several evaluations for projects targeting pyscho-social, educational and behavior change outcomes.

Marieke has provided technical support to two DFID funded GEC projects targeting improved access, retention, and learning outcomes for marginalized girls. In Malawi, through the Impact Evaluation of Theatre for a Change Malawi’s Tiphunzire Project, Marieke supported the measurement and analysis of psychometric variables, including self-esteem, self-efficacy, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and autonomy. In Mozambique, as well as providing technical expertise on the measurement of psycho-social variables, she additionally designed and coordinated the qualitative research activities undertaken as part of the evaluation.

Marieke supported the Midterm Evaluation of the Nzotheka Project, a project aimed at improving the sexual and reproductive health rights of female sex workers and sexually exploited girls through behavior change workshops, and advocacy activities. For this evaluation, Marieke designed and coordinated qualitative data collection activities through an application of the theory of planned behavior; a theory aimed at articulating the relationships between beliefs and behavior.

Selected Publications

Hanke, K., van Egmond, M. C., Crespo, C., Boer, D. (forthcoming). The meaning of family rituals and the well-being of LGBT individuals in the Netherlands. Journal of Family Psychology.

Lyons-Padilla, S., Gelfand, Mirahmadi, H., Farooq, M., & van Egmond, M. (2015). Belonging nowhere: Marginalization & radicalization risk among Muslim immigrants. Behavioral Science & Policy, 1(2), 1–12.

Van Egmond, M. C. (2015). On kissing in elevators and flirting in the office: A cross-cultural perspective on normative behavior. In Mind Magazine, 24. 


Verweij, M., Van Egmond, M. Kühnen, U., Luan, S., Ney, S. & Schoop, A. (2014). I Disagree, Therefore I Am: How to Test and Strengthen Cultural Versatility. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Sciences. DOI:10.1080/13511610.2014.904743 

Van Egmond, M.C., Kühnen, U., Li, J. (2013). Mind and Virtue: The meaning of learning, a matter of culture? Learning, Culture and Social Interaction, 2, 208-216. 

Van Egmond, M.C., Kühnen, U., Haberstroh, S. & Hansen, N. (2013). Learning through the eyes of Eastern and Western European University Students: Mind or Virtue-oriented? Polish Psychology (Psychologia Spoleczna), 8(2), 140-155.  

Kühnen, U., Van Egmond, M.C., Haber, F., Kuschel, S., Özelsel, A., Rossi, A.L., & Spivak, Y. (2012). Challenge me! Communicating in multicultural classrooms. Social Psychology of Education, 15, 59-76. 

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