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Organizational Overview

The Gender Responsive Education and Transformation (GREAT) program, implemented by Right to Play, is a complex initiative that aims to directly address the learning needs of children and youth through a five-year quality education program in three countries: Ghana, Mozambique, and Rwanda.

Right to Play has appointed One South as the external evaluator to lead the Baseline Studies taking place across target countries. For the Baseline Study in Ghana, One South is seeking an evaluation partner to coordinate baseline activities in Ghana.

One South is an international development consulting and research firm that supports organizations to understand and deliver social change. We invest in local capacity to access challenging contexts and bring the best skills to complex development problems. Our goal is to support decision-makers in the global south to design relevant interventions, improve their strategies, and deliver impactful social programs through applied research. Our vision is a world where social change is experimental, incremental, and driven by a shared experience.

Right To Play is an international humanitarian organization that uses the transformative power of sport and play to promote the holistic development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Right To Play is committed to improving the lives of children and young people and to strengthening their communities by translating the best practices of sport and play into opportunities to promote learning, health and peace.

Right To Play programs foster healthy physical, social and emotional development of children and build safer and stronger communities. Right To Play’s guiding principles are inclusion – which recognizes the importance of children who may be marginalized for reasons of gender, ability/disability, religion, ethnicity, or social background; child protection and safeguarding; and sustainability – which ensures lasting impact.

Programme Overview

From 2018 to 2022, the GREAT program endeavors to improve quality education for girls and boys at the primary school level through a sustainable and replicable child-centered and gender responsive, play-based learning model.

Right To Play will contribute to this ultimate outcome through focused interventions at the school, community and policy level that will result in:

  1. Increased integration of gender-responsive play-based learning by teachers into teaching practice

  2. Increased engagement of parents and caregivers in addressing gender-specific learning needs of girls and boys, including at-risk children

  3. Increased adoption of gender-responsive play-based learning in in-service and pre-service teacher training

In Ghana the project is being implemented in in five districts across three regions, Ga South in Greater Accra, Keta in the Volta Region and Kumbungu, Savelugu, Tolon in the Northern Region.

Scope of Work

Right to Play has appointed an external evaluator to lead the Baseline Studies taking place across target countries. For the Baseline Study in Ghana, One South is seeking an evaluation partner to coordinate the adapt and develop learning tests, coordinate the baseline data collection exercise, and manage a large team of quantitative and qualitative enumerators. One South will be responsible for all analysis and reporting requirements and will provide the evaluation partner in Ghana with quality control processes and reporting requirements to implement throughout the exercise.

Specifically, the evaluation partner will be responsible for:

  • Interviewing and scoring a pre-selection and of field workers and support staff expected to perform work associated with the evaluation (quantitative enumerators and qualitative research assistants)

  • Supporting in the translation and development of quantitative tools in local vernacular (Parent’s Survey/Children’s survey)

  • Development of local vernacular literacy pilot learning tests (with support and guidance from One South)

  • Tentative: Logistical management of learning assessment pilot (including 2-day training of enumerators for the pilot exercise)

  • Logistical management of main data collection exercise for baseline, (coordination of enumerator team with guidance and quality assurance processes provided by One South)

  • Development of field protocols to enable enumerator teams to sample participants (field protocols will include names, directions and other tracking information to enable enumerators to locate study sample participants). Field protocols are developed in consonance with distances and access to field sites.

  • Support during 5-day training workshop of main enumerator team (One South will primarily be responsible for conducting the training) and organizing the training venue.

  • Drafting 3-4 weekly data collection field reports summarizing number of children sampled, number and content of qualitative sessions conducted, pertinent challenges, and proposed adjustments to data collection practices.

  • Coordinating enumerator team to complete data entry process using mobile data entry system provided by One South (including spot check, and other baseline quantitative tools)

  • Drafting and submission of a final data collection report detailing the sample achieved, the level of attrition (for later phases), and a comprehensive summary for the challenges faced and lessons learned for the future.

  • Whenever possible, participate in the collection of Key-informant interview data.

  • Provide key context relevant analysis of barriers and characteristics following guidance provided by One South.

  1. Draft Literacy Assessment tools in Language of Instruction of target grade levels

  2. All pilot data entered into mobile data entry platform (TBC: Pilot exercise under consideration)

  3. Pilot data entry report (TBC: Pilot exercise under consideration)

  4. Pre-scoring of enumerator and qualitative research assistant applicants along agreed criteria (TBC: Pilot exercise under consideration)

  5. Primary Research Instruments translated in local vernacular (Parents and Caregivers Survey, Girls Survey, Learning Assessments, qualitative discussion guides)

  6. 3 weekly data collection field reports summarizing sample achieved and log of challenges and adaptations implemented

  7. 1 final Data Collection Report summarizing sample achieved and log of challenges and adaptations implemented

  8. Summary report on educational barriers and characteristics in intervention context

Required Qualifications

The evaluation partner will be either an independent consultant or a consultancy firm based in Ghana.


  • Experience managing a large-scale data collection exercise, including field team management and implementation of quality control processes

  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of the Ghana education system and sector

  • Experience utilizing mobile data entry platforms (ODK, Mobenzi, or other)

  • 5-10 years of experience in consulting and/or monitoring and evaluation



  • Experience administering literacy and numeracy assessments (EGRA, EGMA, or others)

  • Experience in conducting evaluations with gender lens

  • Experience designing quantitative and qualitative research instruments


To apply please submit (1) a cover letter outlining relevant experience and suitability for the role of no more than 3 pages (2) CVs of all principal consultants involved in the research (3) a list of 3 referees willing to be contacted (4) tentative financial proposal in excel up to a maximum of USD66,000.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to mstein@one-south.org and must contain “Ghana Evaluation Partner GREAT” in the subject line by June 7, 2018. The financial proposal will be contingent on the sample size and will be agreed in collaboration with the selected evaluation partner. Bidders are encouraged to base the estimate on a tentative sample size of 900 children (including parents and caregivers) and 400 teachers.


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