Yasmin L. Henn

Board of Advisors

Yasmin L. Henn is an International Educator with over 16 years of experience in international teaching, curriculum design, and teacher training. Yasmin has worked in education with both public and private sector organizations in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and the United States. Yasmin currently provides holistic support to SEN students and has led numerous capacity building activities with teachers and other allied professionals on working with children with learning differences. She has trained teachers in differentiated instruction, ADHD and executive function, and social skills for challenged and gifted learners. Yasmin holds advanced certifications in Educational Therapy (University of California Riverside), Special Education (George Mason University), and Educational Leadership (the Principal Training Center). As a committed educationalist, Yasmin believes in educating the whole child to achieve balanced life-long learners who are inquirers and are adaptable in our ever-changing world. At One South, Yasmin provides technical expertise on literacy and numeracy instruction, special education needs, and early childhood development.

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