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One South's Advisory Board provides technical expertise on our strategy, professional development, and methodological toolbox. Our Advisory Board is comprised of academic leaders and practitioners, with experience in development and specialized knowledge of our practice areas.


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Marco Verweij’s research examines how “wicked problems” can be resolved through the combined forces of governmental action, business entrepreneurship and innovation, and civil society engagement. His most recent book discusses the implications of applying these multiple “rationalities” to solve pressing social ills such as poverty, violence and ecological disaster. Marco Verweij provides specialist advice to One South on the design of: plural research methodologies, sustainable systems and the firm’s strategic development.

Professor of Political Science, Jacobs University Bremen

Yasmin L. Henn is an International Educator with over 16 years of experience in international teaching, curriculum design, and teacher training.  Yasmin holds advanced certifications in Educational Therapy, Special Education, and Educational Leadership. At One South, Yasmin provides technical expertise on literacy and numeracy instruction, special education needs, and early childhood development.

Educational Therapist & Learning Support Specialist

Dipak Gyawali, during his time as Nepal’s Minister of Water Resources, initiated reforms in the electricity and irrigation sectors focused on decentralization and promotion of rural participation in governance. He has published numerous articles on the topics of energy, dams and climate change. Dipak Gyawali provides technical advice to One South in the fields of inclusive systems design, rural participation in governance, and decentralization.

Former Minister of Water Resources of Nepal

Collete Cunningham is a researcher and senior development practioner with a specialization in health-systems strengthening and capacity building. She has published extensively in the fields of palliative care for children and adults, and psychosocial counseling of HIV+ children and adolescents. Collete Cunningham provides technical advice to One South in the fields of sexual and reproductive health, and health systems strengthening.

Lecturer, Department of Epidemiology & Public Health, University College Cork

Carl Henn is a senior international health and development professional, with over 30 years of experience. His technical background is in HIV/AIDs, malaria, family planning, and maternal and child health. He has a significant experience in portfolio management and grant acquisition.  Carl Henn provides technical advice to One South on project management, scale-up, community health, and HIV/AIDs.

Director of HIV/AIDS Twinning Center

Steven Ney research focuses on processes of institutional change and reform. He has published extensively on design thinking, social innovation and social innovation as a means of bringing about sustainable institutional change. Steven Ney provides technical advice to One South on design thinking, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability.  

Professor of Policy Sciences and Social Entrepreneurship

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